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The Return of Bridget



I was nervous / excited to pick up the third Bridget Jones novel. I was a big fan of the first two and there had been such a long gap it was inevitable expectations would be high. I’ll be honest when I heard the book would be about Bridget aged 51 and a widow after the death of Mark Darcy, I was disappointed as we never got to read about their engagement and wedding or how they dealt with having two children together (we got to see the engagement on film but still). But I still needed to know what just had become of Bridge.

The book opens with Bridget years after Mark’s death raising her two children on her own. She has no money issues though – he left her well provided for and a big house but she’s lonely and finding single parenthood tough. She’s also writing a screenplay and like typical Bridget it’s not going too well. This incarnation of Bridget isn’t that easy for me to relate to in terms of where she is in her life but underneath all the changes, she’s still the same loveable character and I did enjoy hearing her voice again. We follow her as she starts dating again and joins Twitter, deals with text messaging and handles her two cute children (think nits!) and there are some really funny moments. I laughed out loud at her hearing her neighbour tell her kids if they don’t stop misbehaving she will enter them in The Hunger Games! As with the first two books, cultural references like that pop up at perfect moments to make you smile and I really enjoyed the tweeting references as I’m a bit of an addict. I also liked Bridget quoting the first film too, a nice meta moment:


There is essential a love triangle in this book as with the first one and it is with two characters where again one is fun but ultimately unsuitable and the other sensible and she doesn’t realise he’s the one until near the end but although I could guess the outcome, I was still with her through all the ups and downs. In terms of supporting characters, I did miss Mark, Bridget’s dad and Shazzer (who is only referenced once) and I didn’t really get enough time to warm to her new friend but it was nice to see Jude and Tom again and Bridget’s mum is still hilarious plus they get to have a really nice heartwarming moment at the end.

Again I read this book as if reading a friend’s story and I think the character of Bridget is one of the best creations in literature. I think fans will enjoy the comeback and knowing Bridget is happy is really what I wanted to see in the end. I was left with two thoughts though – should I be worried that Bridget has more Twitter followers than I do and when will I meet a sexy toyboy on there?! 🙂

If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!




4 thoughts on “The Return of Bridget”

  1. I must be reluctantly honest and say I never read the books, but I really loved the first film, and it remains one of my all-time rom-com greats. I wasn’t as taken with the second film, although I wanted to be, so I’m a bit nervous about this third story. Like you I love her character, and her all round hopelessness reminds me of myself in many ways, he said groaning inwardly and adjusting his odd socks, I am tempted to ad it to my reading pile. She is one of the great modern creations I agree

    1. Totally agree – the first film is great and very close to there book but the second one has issues and I preferred the book by far. It’s going to be interesting to see if a third film does happen! Haha odd socks love it 🙂

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