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Well, December has arrived and the countdown to Christmas has begun! I love Christmas and I’m glad that even as I’ve grown up I haven’t lost that excitement for the season. I seem to have got ready even earlier than usual this year, I think because I decorated the tree a couple of days before December 1st as I was working and the sight of fairy lights always stirs up the festive cheer.


I have also managed to finish all my Christmas shopping, mainly because I got most of my family books! The perks of working in a bookshop πŸ™‚ Yesterday I went out for the final bits with my mum and got a festive jumper from the market for Christmas Day, some sparkly hoops to wear in the bookshop and Leona Lewis’ Christmas album. I always buy a Christmas album every year, it’s become a kind of personal tradition and this year I chose hers and I love it especially her operatic version of Ave Maria:

Today I was tempted by a cute Christmas Minnie Mouse t-shirt with a handy note to Santa on it. It combines my favourite time of year with Disney so it’s basically awesome. And now I must really not buy anything else!


I can’t believe there’s less than three weeks to go until Christmas Day though, this year seems to have flown by but as usual I’m looking forward to the food, presents, the Doctor Who special and relaxing with family. And now I’m off to write Christmas cards and paint my nails glittery red πŸ™‚

What do you enjoy most about Christmas?



12 thoughts on “Favourite time of year”

  1. I haven’t paid Christmas much mind for years, until this one. (The lights have always made the darkness of the season cheerier!) My son’s blooming, vocal love for it is proving to be infectious this year. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the jumper! I’m not a great fam=n of Christmas since my children grew up, but some of the festive spirit does eventually seep through. Give me another week or so!

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