Three years

I actually can’t believe that I’ve had this blog for three years. Somewhat fortuitously I have also reached 800 blog followers at the same time.


I do a feel a bit awards ceremony acceptance speechy but seriously, I am so grateful for this blog and all the bloggers I’ve met through it. It feels like blogging has taking a bit of a drop in popularity since when I started and definitely with people commenting and interacting. That’s shame but I know so many bloggers on Twitter and Facebook too so it still feels like a fun and supportive world to me.


I’ll admit lately I have struggled with what to write about on here. I sometimes miss the days when I blogged here anonymously, it felt like a secret identity or something 🙂 So help me out guys, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you want to read / see more of in 2014!





14 thoughts on “Three years”

  1. Congratulations!! I echo some of your sentiments; I do think blogging has lost popularity, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop! 🙂

  2. Congrats, Victoria! I think people are just becoming a little more sensible about blogging. I know I am. I’ve tried to balance my time better, which means I don’t always comment as much and only write when I feel like I have something to share.

    1. Thanks Lisa! That’s a really good point. I know a lot of us used to post everyday but I think quality is better than quantity and using time wisely is always a good thing to do. I’m glad you still blog though, I love your posts!

  3. Well done reaching a new mark. I think some of the recent changes WP has made discourage others and comments and visits. Like the reader pop-up that doesn’t take you directly to a site. Fresh pressed seems a bit of a let down at the moment too. But as for what to blog, randomise, challenge and tell us what you are thinking with maybe excerpts of writing. And Merry Christmas too by the way.


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