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Best search referrals 2013

One thing I love about WordPress is its list of search engine referrals for the blog – things people have apparently Googled and then been referred to a post on this blog. Sometimes trying to imagine the post they got sent to (and were likely highly disappointed by) is baffling. I thought I’d compile the most hilarious ones from this year for your viewing pleasure:

Nanny goat urban dictionary

I Googled this and apparently the urban meaning for nanny goat is: ‘A person who acts elderly and likes to ruin the fun for everyone else’. Really hope this doesn’t mean I’m one and this found my photo of being swarmed by goats.

Jon Bon Jovi sex doll

I have no words for this one. I think there may be a picture of Jon Bon Jovi on here to do with Sex and The City which could explosion why they got sent here BUT I really hope there isn’t actually a sex doll out there. Tori Young Googled this after I tweeted about it and was quite upset with what she found, I’m too scared to look!

Romantic sex hug

This one was just worrying really. I decided against Googling to see what comes up as well, you know, porn might.

Abandoned by my imaginary friend

Quite upsetting to have an imaginary friend turn their back on you. I genuinely feel for the Googler of this *ahem*. This obviously found my confession of having imaginary friends but don’t worry, they didn’t abandon me I just became a writer and now I call them ‘characters’.

Victoria writes country music


Making a Victorian sock puppet

I have never made a sock puppet but I’m quite intrigued as to how you’d make a Victorian one. Perhaps add a bonnet?

Quotes about writers being crazy

Let’s face it we are.

Old man with young girlfriend

Old men do seem to like me but I promise I’m not going out with one. I mean, if there’s a rich one reading this … just joking.

Is Victoria Walters single?

Wasn’t sure whether to laugh at or be creeped out by this one *looks over shoulder nervously*


But on a more serious note the best search term of the year has to be “Victoria Walters, YA author’. Someone actually Googled me. And called me an author *hair flip* πŸ™‚

Have a lovely Christmas guys!!!



16 thoughts on “Best search referrals 2013”

      1. Ah! okay, thanks, wow, it’s so weird seeing the key words that people have looked up to find your blog! πŸ™‚

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