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Christmas 2013

I actually can’t believe that it’s all over. Christmas seemed to be suddenly here and now it’s gone but I had a lovely time with family and friends and I don’t even want to think about how much food I’ve eaten over the past week 🙂 I’ve posted most of these photos on Facebook but wanted to capture them all in one place!

Pre-Christmas food and drinks with friends:



My days off for Christmas began with me popping to the shops for milk and bread and walking into a lamppost! I’m a disaster I swear 🙂

The Christmas decorations – the tree and table:



Christmas Eve outfit ready for Santa (!) and my festive nails:



Wearing my festive fleece and realising who I look like in it 🙂


Christmas Day selfless with my cousins and mum at the table. Christmas dinner was so good and I ended up in a food coma at the end of the day!






With the teddy I got for Christmas because you’re never too old for a bear. I named him Dean (after Winchester):


After chilling out with more food and TV on Boxing Day, my mum and I hit the sales on Friday. It was really quiet at the shops and I amazingly got two pairs of jeans in the Gap sales, a serious Christmas miracle. My mum decided she wanted to get a second ear piercing so I went with her and had it done too. We tried to take a selfie of our ears and couldn’t stop laughing!


I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of New Years Eve (could be my fireworks phobia ha!) but I’m looking forward to going out for a curry tomorrow night and then probably collapsing on the sofa to see midnight in.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a happy New Year!



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