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When you need a laugh


I always think comedy is so subjective. Sometimes I watch a highly praised comedy and don’t smile whereas some silly films crack me up. One thing I’m not a fan of are gross films, the sight of vomit makes me feel sick not laugh, which is why I was disappointed with Bridesmaids and why I skip two scenes when watching Pitch Perfect.

I felt like watching something funny so pulled out my favourite laugh out loud films. Here’s my top ten guaranteed to put a smile on my face:

St Trinians – the worst boarding school in England run by Rupert Everett in drag.

The Hangover – when Vegas goes hilariously wrong.

Father of the Bride and the sequel – Steve Martin being Steve Martin plus Franc the wedding planner.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – a bad break up and puppets.

Date Night – Tina Fey. Enough said.

Cheaper by the Dozen and the sequel – a group of kids plus animals and Steve Martin again.

Connie and Carla – two friends go undercover in a drag musical act despite being women.

Horrible Bosses – three friends plan to kill their bosses and Jennifer Aniston being naughty.

And now I want to hear your favourite LOL (sorry had to!) films in the comments please!



16 thoughts on “When you need a laugh”

  1. Oooh many good picks! I love Connie and Carla and I’ll admit that I find the Cheaper by the Dozen movies charming and adorably cute. If you like Steve Martin, you need to see Mixed Nuts!

  2. Loved The Hangover. Watched it on a plane and nearly sprayed water everywhere. šŸ™‚

    I love 80s movies. Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club. Maybe because they remind me of being a kid.

  3. I guess I’m old school. Philadelphia Story. Bringing Up Baby. Twentieth Century. His Girl Friday (a huge influence on one of my characters, too, since I think it says “intrepid gal reporter” on her passport). The classic W. C. Fields and Marx Brothers comedies.

    In more recent films, I think I tend toward movies that have a lot of humor without being flat-out “comedies,” like I Heart Huckabees and Kick-Ass. Which may be one of the few times those two will ever get mentioned together. šŸ™‚

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