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On Sunday night, my mum and I went to see Taylor Swift live at the O2 arena in London. I’ve been a fan of Taylor for years but this was the first time I’ve managed to get tickets for her concert. I’ve been to a fair few concerts but I don’t think I’ve ever been in a louder, more enthusiastic crowd before. You could barely hear Taylor sometimes because everyone was singing the songs so loudly. Everyone was standing up and the elaborate signs some fans had made lit the place up in gorgeous colour.



There was a lot of Red during the show – outfits, lighting and sets worked brilliantly with the theme but also some lovely black and white moments – old school Hollywood for The Lucky One and a ballet dancer theme for Treacherous and lots of moments where Taylor came out into the crowd.


Taylor talks more than any other artists I’ve seen live before, explaining some of the songs and their meaning. At one point, she said she could feel there were a lot of creative people in the room and creative people tend to connect with music, especially writers. She said she liked to write and thinks others like to write and people connect to what they write because we all go through things in life and have feelings and often we just want someone to say ‘me too.’ Obviously, she says the same thing every night but I completely connected to this and understood exactly what she meant.


Most of the songs were from the Red album but there were several oldies too, Mean got a great response, plus a guest singer (Sam Smith) and a secret song, which was Fifteen. Halfway through, she moved to a second stage at the back of the arena, which meant we were just a few feet away. I may have screamed a lot at this point 🙂





It’s hard to pinpoint a highlight – singing and dancing along to 22, having her sing Fifteen with just the guitar so close to me or the dub step Trouble, which raised the roof and saw her ripping off a long white dress like she did at the Brit awards but I loved hearing her sing my favourite song from the album All Too Well with the piano.



The end song just had to be We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and it was a circus themed set for that. It ended in a burst of heart-shaped confetti that rained down everywhere in the arena. A wonderful finale to an amazing show. I had a great time and would definitely see her live again.








15 thoughts on “Capture it, remember it”

  1. I am so envious of you right now! I have been dying to see her in concert, she’s an amazing person and song writer. Your pictures capture the moment perfectly and I wish I was there to see her in person, but until that happen, this post is perfect!

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