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Moments of happy

I’ve noticed people on Twitter and Facebook taking part in #100happpydays, noting things each day that make them happy. Most of the time what makes them happy are small things, simple things even that often cost little or nothing but really brighten the day – spending time with family and friends, comfort food, a glass of wine, curling up with a book etc. Sometimes you have things to look forward to and you have a great time doing them like a going on a holiday but on other days, it is the simple things that can make you happy.

photo 1

The other day, I sat in my living room and the sun poured in through the window as I read a book and listened to music. It has been raining here for what feels like two months straight so I took a photo of the sun and realised in that moment I was happy. The week before I was in London at the Taylor Swift concert having a great time but that small moment made me just as happy and content.

Yesterday morning, I spent time reorganising – sorting out my many CD’s and books and storing them neatly and putting new photos in frames and hanging up pictures and I felt so satisfied afterwards, recognising what I had achieved and how much better my room looked.

Both of these things cost me nothing but they made me feel good.

photo 2

Yesterday, I shared this photo because so often I turn into Anxiety Girl, worrying about things out of my control or focusing on a negative thing rather than the many more positives. Actually, a lot of writers agreed they had this problem so perhaps there’s a link but I want to try and not turn into her as much because it serves no other purpose than to make me unhappy and stressed out, which is no fun at all.

I want to pay attention to the moments that make me happy instead.

How good are you at recognising your moments of happy?



10 thoughts on “Moments of happy”

  1. Very sweet post V, and what a cool twitter trend. I hadn’t picked up on it at all!

    I’m loving that anxiety girl image, it’s so true.

    Wishing you many more happy moments. 🙂

  2. Beautiful post! It’s those little moments of happy that make life incredible, if we can slow down enough to notice them. Yesterday morning I was Anxiety Girl, frantically barreling through emails. Then I happened to glance outside and saw the most amazing sunrise. I stood up and just stared out the window and slowly sipped my coffee – put everything back into perspective. Have a wonderful day filled with happy moments!

    1. *high five* I think knowing you get anxious and sometimes miss things is great to recognise, it’s almost like we have to teach ourselves to see the good bits more, it’s great you’re doing that!

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