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Happily ever afters

Valentine’s Day got me thinking about reading and writing romance – when it comes to love is it about the journey or the destination?


For me, it’s the journey. I actually like romances where you meet the main character and the love interest and it’s clear that they belong together but you know it’s not going to be a easy road. I love seeing their ups and downs, their missed opportunities and lack of communication, the obstacles that get in their way and how they ultimately resolve them. I like knowing a happy ending is on the cards because for me the joy of the story is in how they reach that point.

It’s pretty easy in fiction, especially if you read a lot of love stories, to work out who people are meant to be with. In real life though it’s never as easy and let’s face it, it’s rare for there to be a happy ever after. This is exactly why I enjoy it in fiction so much. I want things to work out. I like it when there’s drama and I like stories that have dark and gritty angles but I’m still a sucker for seeing it all work out in the end.

My favourite love stories have a happy ending or at least an ending where you can interpret that they are happy. I like the twists and turns of the story as long as it’s leading to the resolution I want.Β So far I have ended up writing what I like to read as well – all of my endings have had at least hope if not happiness and I imagine that’s what I will always lean to.

I suppose some people find some romances predictable and to some extent they all are but I’m perfectly happy with that because when it comes to love, and life, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


Do you like happily ever afters?Β 



12 thoughts on “Happily ever afters”

  1. I’m OK with happily ever afters, but really . . . like you, I enjoy the journey more than the destination. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m no big fan of happily ever after – I find marriage far more interesting to write about than courtship. I just did one of those character interview things on my blog, and two characters were in long-term relationships and two were not involved and not looking. That pretty much illustrates what I like to write about.

    That being said, the complaint about predictably just shows that it’s not that person’s genre. I write mysteries. Crime, suspects, investigation, clues, solution – that can look predictable, too, if you don’t look very closely. I wrote about that on my blog a while back:

    1. There are definitely a lack of stories about what happens AFTER the happy ever after. Sounds very interposing to write about marriage – I’m reminded of Gone Girl, a very scary view of it all ha πŸ™‚

  3. I like some happily-ever-afters. It depends on the story. Some stories and characters shouldn’t end happily. I’m partial to ending with some hope and some promise, but not necessarily the expected kind of happy.

    1. Sure, it depends on the story and you don’t want one shoe-horned in and it doesn’t make sense. I’ve definitely read some weepies that have made me sob but they still manage to end with some hope and you know that a character’s life is better because of what happened.

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