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Sunshine and flowers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK so I spent the day with Mama Walters at Hampton Court Palace. The gardens are always lovely in the spring as they are filled with daffodils and the sun came out so we had sandwiches and cakes outside in the cafe then strolled through the flowers.

I took some pictures on my phone barely able to see my screen but it wasn’t difficult to take some good shots as it was stunning there. They are a bit dark in places though. This is what I found:

A path framed with flowers:


Seeing the world through blossom:


A carpet of daffodils:


It seemed as though the daffodils had faces. I like to think they were smiling:


A gorgeous pink magnolia canopy:


A tree to dream under:






5 thoughts on “Sunshine and flowers”

  1. Ohh wow, it looks lovely! I especially love that last shot, it’s very atmospheric and I’m always a fan of old and winding trees.

    Hows the writing going, Victoria? πŸ™‚

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