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Ten years ago



This week, Mean Girls celebrated its tenth anniversary of release and next week it will have been ten years since the Friends finale aired.






It pretty much freaks me out thinking that both these things that I loved happened ten years ago. In 2004, I was in my final year at university getting ready to take the final exams for my sociology degree. On one hand, it feels like forever ago but also like yesterday. I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life and probably would have never guessed I would be writing a book in my thirties.


I marked Mean Girls by wearing pink. After all the anniversary did happen on a Wednesday.


I’m not sure how to mark the Friends anniversary. I might have to move some furniture. I still shout out PIVOT to this day. I think we need to see that scene again, don’t we?

Right, I’m off to watch both again because they are AWESOME …



What were you doing ten years ago? What we will be excited about remembering in ten years time from now?



10 thoughts on “Ten years ago”

  1. Ah, Mean Girls! I loved that movie! Never got into Friends, though. And yeah, I think about what happened 10 years ago quite often. It’s fun to think of all the ways that I have changed.

  2. I always find it strange when shows I love reach anniversaries, because I still feel like I just watched them yesterday. It’s very surreal. My life takes so many twists and turns on a regular basis that I am intrigued to see what the next ten years will bring, just as I am amazed at what has happened over the last.

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