I’ve been meaning to read that

Working in a bookshop means I walk past books every day that get added to my virtual to-read list. Some are new but others are books that are have been classes as ‘great’ reads and are ones I feel I should have read.

I recently picked up Memoirs of a Geisha based on a colleagues recommendation. It was a book that I’d heard of and knew to be popular and acclaimed but hadn’t thought about buying before. I’m so glad I did! I really enjoyed being transported to a different world, one I knew very little about, and found the first person narrative compelling from the first page. I rooted for the main character through her often harrowing experiences and would highly recommend it.

I’m sure there will be books that make those “100 books you must read” lists that I won’t enjoy, reading is so subjective after all but I like the idea of mixing up new and older books on my to-read pile.

So I’ve decided to buy some other books that I’ve been meaning to read before and am looking forward to diving into them:


What books have you been meaning to read?




4 thoughts on “I’ve been meaning to read that”

  1. How about a good majority of my bookshelves? 😀 I need to really get out of my comfort zone and try different genres but I don’t know where to start. (I read The Secret Life of Bees last year and loved it btw..) Anyways! I just did the Top Ten Tuesday, which was books on my fall reading list, so I guess I can start there? Or maybe read Memoirs of a Geisha..

    1. I think recommendations are a great place to start if you want to try something new for sure! Ooh good I’m excited to read Secret Life of Bees then 🙂 Hope you’ve found a fab book to read!

  2. I’m afraid I’ve been meaning to read several books which were written by friends of mine.

    It’s been a very stressful 1.5 years, and I’ve been reading mostly from about 1810 to 1910 (comfort, perhaps). But it’s getting embarrassing not to read contemporary novels when they’re written by people I know.

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