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A new season

After an unusually warm summer, the season has changed and we’re in the midst of autumn here complete with lashings of wind and rain. On the plus side though, the leaves are changing and one of my favourite things is seeing the colours swirling in the air and laying on the ground for us to crunch through.

I took these walking through the park feeling all autumnal:



As I type this, my hands are freezing – I may need to invest in fingerless gloves!! Writing in autumn and winter always makes me cold, probably because only your fingers are moving. I have had to pull out my leopard print snuggly throw to drape over me and Harry is a fan of it too:


I love this quote about this season.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

It’s always exciting to think that a new season can bring new possibilities. And beautiful skies as well. I think is this my favourite season.

This sunrise caught my eye the other morning:


What are your favourite things about this season?



4 thoughts on “A new season”

  1. This time of year has new meaning since my kids graduated from college. For twenty years, fall meant back to school. Now it is time to get outside and indulge in fall eye candy!
    Love your photos!

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