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Countdown to Christmas

There is always colour to be found
There is always colour to be found

Autumn is drawing to a close now, the fallen leaves are losing their colour but I don’t mind because that means December and Christmas is fast approaching. The Coca-Cola holidays are coming advert has been shown on TV which traditionally means the holiday season is upon us. I love this time of year and am already preparing.

I have a Christmas jumper and slippers all ready to go!



The shops are starting to decorate and I bumped into this big guy in a local garden centre and naturally I had to get a picture with him πŸ™‚


I have also started my annual mince pie addiction 😦 I have also made my annual Christmas CD purchase . This years is Leann Rimes’ One Christmas, which this appears on:

I realised that the one area that I never really festive up is my reading so I decided to purchase a Christmas themed novel this year – Christmas Party by Carole Matthews and am looking forward to diving into it!

And now to start the present buying …


How do you start the countdown to Christmas?



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