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Once upon a time


This is a pretty well-known quote and often applied to writing because so many people think about something but only a few actually start it and just starting a story can feel like a huge leap to take. But actually find I feel the opposite when it comes to writing. I find the beginning to be the the easiest, and thebest part!

I just started a new story and I love the moment when you open up a blank Word document and write those two words ‘Chapter One’ (although sometimes it could be ‘Prologue’!) because all you have is empty space to fill with whatever you want. In that moment all you have is you and your imagination, and laptop of course, and you can just let the words flow.

Every time I write something new it feels like it’s the first time again because the story could turn out to be anything. It could be something wonderful or just languish on your hard drive, there’s the thrill of just not knowing where this story will take you or what it will end up being.

The more I write, the better I get at editing my work and taking on feedback from beta readers and my agent but I still prefer writing that first draft as you can just write and not worry about what the finished product may turn out to be.

So whilst I would never say writing is easy, I feel like the beginning is the exciting part and if you don’t worry about the rest of the journey the story may go on and just enjoy filling up that white space with words, then it can be wonderful.

What about you – is the beginning the easiest or the hardest part for you?


19 thoughts on “Once upon a time”

  1. Getting started is the fun part. Getting to the finish line is the challenge and challenges are part of life. Keep on writing and be an overcomer.
    God Bless,
    Dana Guidera
    Author of Seven Poems from Life

  2. Hmm, depends on the subject one is writing about. Composing my two books was fairly easy… it’s the editing and proofreading that takes time. But got there in the end with publishing them. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m another one who has trouble with the middle sometimes.

    I agree about beginnings. That’s like the honeymoon. If that goes badly, you have to wonder about the long-term viability of the whole project. πŸ™‚

    Endings vary a lot with me. With my current story, I have the whole ending written already. Well, that was true on my last story, too, but in that case the story went in a completely different direction and needed a completely different ending.

    In sort of sure that won’t happen with this one…

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