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An Austen Day Out


What I love about living in Surrey is there are so many lovely places to visit. On the Easter weekend I went to Painshill Park with my mum. Despite it being close by, I’d never been there before. It’s an 18th century garden that made me feel as if I was a character in an Austen novel.


Unfortunately Mr Darcy did not emerge from this lake to complete the experience!




As well as lovely greenery and a lake, there were buildings to explore and a man-made crystal grotto too:




It was a lovely afternoon out and I would definitely recommend the park to anyone who can make it there!




2 thoughts on “An Austen Day Out”

  1. Oooh I’d love to visit this place! I thought it reminded me of Pride and Prejudice, but there’s some Northanger Abbey going on in that cave-ish looking photo. Eerie rocks. I just finished reading Persuasion so that I’ve now completed her 6 main novels. I’m in the mood for binge watching all the movies now…again.

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