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The side effect of being a bookseller

I have always loved books obviously but since I started working in a bookshop, I have developed an addiction to buying them. I used to buy a book, read it, and then buy another book but now I have a pile of around 40 books waiting for me to read them.

Recent book buysΒ 

Going to a bookshop is no longer an infrequent activity. I now see books ALL the time. I see new, shiny ones arrive and put them out on a table or bookshelf, glancing at blurbs, a cover catching my eye, and so often seeing one that looks like something I’d love, and really should come home with me. Plus the staff discount makes it seem almost wrong not to buy the book!

CGCBJVhWoAA3_Zb.jpg-large CGWhlA7W8AAIytv.jpg-large

I remember writing a blog post about to-be-read piles, marvelling that I had bought three books at once. Ha! That seems ridiculous restrained right now. I definitely think the reason I buy a book has changed too. I used to buy a book because I was planning to buy it. I’d go into a shop or online and just buy the book I wanted because it was part of a series or I’d heard good things on Twitter, from bloggers, or was recommended it because of other books I’d liked in the past. But now I buy a book I may never have heard of before.

More for the pile!

This means I am trying a wider range of books I think. I went through a phase of just narrowly reading YA books and I still love picking up YA but I have also tried books I wouldn’t have done without being surrounded by so many, such as modern classics, books I had thought ‘oh I should read that one day’, and now actually have, or books spotlighted for customers that I have loved. Fellow booksellers and even customers have recommended books to me as well.


I am sure that widening the range of books I’m reading will help my writing too. I am obviously reading a lot more women’s fiction now I will be part of the genre (April 2016 hurrah!) with my own novel, The Second Love Of My Life, but reading around the genre too. All reading helps writing.

Because you can’t just buy one book

So, although the side effect of being a bookseller is that I buy far too many books now, I have no problem with my addiction. I love to read. I love to look at my pile after finishing a book and being able to choose between titles for my next read depending on my mood that day. Although sometimes I do worry I won’t be able to get through the books I have!

How many books do you buy? Is your TBR pile teetering? Share your photos with us below!



10 thoughts on “The side effect of being a bookseller”

  1. Not only am I jealous of all your books, I love your nail varnish too!
    My TBR pile is out of control. I have books I’ve bought, endless library books (I always max out my card) plus books people have given or lent to me. I would take a photo but there isn’t just one pile…. there are stacks of them everywhere! Help!

    1. Oh thanks, it’s a Barry M one! Haha this makes me feel a lot better. That’s why I didn’t show my pile because it’s crazy stacks. We’re in this together at least πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve bought a lot of books at conferences, but have finished only a few of them. I just read Disclaimer and Sarah’s Key. They were excellent reads! Which book has been your favorite? I’m always looking for a good book to read.

    1. Ooh not heard of Sarah’s Key, I’ll check it out! Have you read Girl on The Train? I think if you liked Disclaimer you’ll like it. My favourite recently has been Wild by Cheryl Strayed and I still think about Station Eleven, I want to re-read that one at some point. I’ve just started The Last Summer Of Us, I needed a summery YA read to match the heatwave over here!

      1. I think my book club read Girl on a Train while I was on “hiatus.” I’ll have to read that one! I bet Wild is fantastic. Have you read any good ghost stories? I finished my paranormal suspence book, wrote the 2nd in the series and outlined the 3rd. I should probably read something in my genre one of these days. Ha!

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