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Pinteresting It Up

I have joined Pinterest! When I write I definitely think about the story visually. I imagine the setting, the people, the buildings that are in my story either because I have actually seen them somewhere or I paint a picture in my mind of what I want them to look like. My forthcoming novel is set in Cornwall, England and a lot of scenes take place in, around, close by to the beautiful coastline there. Hopefully, the novel paints the picture well but I thought it would be fun to use a Pinterest board to show some of my inspiration for the book. At the moment the board will give you a taste of what to expect from the book (sun, sea, sand, love, art and more!) and then when you read the book, you can look back at the images and bring the pages you’re reading to life!

The Second Love Of My Life board:

I have also created a board for my short story The Summer I Met You. This is a prequel to the novel but can be read as its own story as well. The story takes place in both Devon and Cornwall so you’ll find images from Devon on this board as well as other images that reminded me of the story, its setting and its characters too!

The Summer I Met You Board:

I have only just joined Pinterest so I’m sure I’ll be adding more images and boards in the future. I’d love to follow you guys on there so please leave your links in the comments for me!



4 thoughts on “Pinteresting It Up”

  1. That’s really good. My books tend to be set in the West Country because my family are from there and I spent all my boyhood holidays in Devon. People have muttered to me about Pinterest but I’ve never thought about it before, but now you’ve made me do so. I really wish you every success with your book. You’ve shown fantastic guts, determination and stamina in pursuit of your dream and you deserve nothing less

  2. I’m on Pinterest, and I just started following you. Yes, I’m a stalker. πŸ™‚ Love your boards! I made a board to reflect my writing, too. It helps to generate ideas when I’m stuck.

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