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AS IF – 20 years of Clueless


I can’t believe that Clueless is twenty years old today. This film was such a big part of my teen years, and is still a favourite today. I could probably mute the dialogue and quote it all myself, I’ve seen it so many times.


I loved it from the first time I watched it – the rapid fire dialogue complete with slang words I’d never heard before, the hilarious but somehow cool fashion statements, the feisty female leads, the cute love interest (Paul Rudd is still hot!!) and a flawed main character who gets so much wrong but you root for her anyway. The fact that Clueless is (loosely!) based on Jane Austen’s Emma, which I adore, made it even more special. Plus it’s written and directed by a woman, still a rarity in Hollywood.


And it’s a feminist masterpiece! The film is all about female friendship; the girl’s have different views of boys and sex but don’t judge each other for it, and the central theme is about following your heart even if it’s not considered ‘cool’. The film is still important twenty years on . It’s also one of the few rom coms that is both funny and romantic.

There is Paul Rudd. Already said that? Oh well! Appreciation gif:


So, to celebrate the anniversary I shall be watching the film again (on DVD not VHS, we have moved on a little bit since it was released!) and I we can sum up my thoughts on this film as ….


Are you a Clueless fan too?



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