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What you CAN say to a writer


So this week Twitter was ablaze with writers joining in with the hashtag #tenthingsnottosaytoawriter started by Joanne Harris.

A list of things writers hear a lot that often amuse but also make us want to bang our heads against the desk, such as:

“How many books have you sold?”

“Should I have heard of you?”

“You should write a book like that Fifty Shades Of Grey”

“I’d love to write, if only I had the time”

“I’ve got a great idea for a book, you could write it?”

“Are you as rich as that JK Rowling?”

You get the idea.

I haven’t heard many of these yet but after reading the list, I’m now fully prepared for future conversations 🙂

However, I know that writing a book is a big deal not just to us writerly folks and is something everyone is interested in. So to help here are some questions we’d LOVE you to ask us:

“Your book sounds great, where can I buy it?”

“I loved your book, shall I write review of it online?”

“Can you sign a copy of your book I just bought?”

“I would love to have some writing advice, what resources could I use?”

And ….

“You write so well, why aren’t you as famous as JK Rowling?”

Well, us writers do like to dream after all 🙂

But be warned if you ask us anything, we may be taking notes …


So writers, what do you wish people would or wouldn’t ask you?



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