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What to watch on Netflix

I’ve had Netflix for about a year now and because of how much is on there, I still struggle with choosing what to watch. There are some shows I love and am loyal to but quite a few I’ve been disappointed in as well. So I thought I’d share some of the TV series I’ve enjoyed and see if you guys have any recommendations for me!

The Crown

The Crown is a compelling and classy show based on real events as we follow The Queen from her marriage and coronation. It feels like a BBC costume drama and I absolutely love it. Full of drama, history, fab acting and gorgeous period clothes and sets. Don’t miss it!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I wonder if the title of this US comedy show puts people off because it really is a gem. We follow loser-in-love Rebecca as she follows her ex to a new town and tries to win him back. The show develops though into a really interesting look at mental health as well as being funny, and the best part is each episode contains at least one musical number. The songs are super clever and it’s really unlike anything I’ve watched before.

The Good Place

This US sitcom has filled the 30 Rock hole in my life. Crazy and funny, it’s set in heaven and stars the adorable Kristen Bell. There’s also a brilliant twist to it and it cheers me up every time I watch it.

Anne With an E

A solid adaptation of the brilliant Anne Of Green Gables Books, it’s perfect Sunday night viewing and I’m really looking forward to season two.

13 Reasons Why

Wow this is a hard-hitting show. I read the book years ago and it’s a fairly faithful adaptation of the YA novel about a girl who commits suicide and leaves a boy at her school tapes explaining why she did it. The show is much more graphic than the book though and I do think some scenes were a little too uncomfortable to watch but it was certainly gripping.

Jessica Jones

If you’re a Wonder Woman fan I think you’d enjoy this Marvel TV show about a private detective with super strength. A bit slow moving to start with but has an amazing villain played by David Tennant and you root for Jessica from episode one.


My final pick is a complete guilty pleasure. A teen drama with a mystery each season, it’s very stylised and has a distinctive tone to it. I’m a little bit in love with Jughead the be honest. If you liked Pretty Little Liars I think you’ll be hooked by this show too.

So, are you a fan of any of these? What are your Netflix picks? Give me all your recommendations please!



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