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My First Primark Haul

I thought I’d try a new kind of blog post. I love seeing what people buy so I’m going to do my first haul post and see what you guys think! I have bought things in Primark before but without one that close by, I’ve never really spent much time in there. This week though a brand new store opened in my closest town and I came away with some excellent buys.

I don’t think you can ever have too many pairs of pyjamas! I love Beauty and the Beast and the Chip mug I got this Christmas is one of my favourite things so when I saw these, they had to come home with me!

I was so excited to see a top with a Kindness slogan on! Perfect for advertising my book. I also got these pretty pink cardigan to wear over dresses.

Primark also have some good value home pieces too. I found this rose gold plant and this grey fluffy cushion which looks great with my recent duvet cover purchase. They also had a grey heart cushion that I was wish I had got too do I’ll have to go back for it!

I also found this lounge outfit to either wear in bed or on Sunday’s when I just want to curl up with a film. I love the slogan on it! The grey fluffy socks were a must have – so cosy and cheap.

Finally, I picked up this denim jacket, which I think is my favourite buy. It’s perfect for spring and was only £12! Now all we need is the weather to cheer up so I can actually wear it.

So, this was my first Primark haul and I think I found some great bargains. You definitely need to spend time in there to sort through and find the best bits. I am looking forward to going back and hopefully next time I can find some Harry Potter bits as I always see people coming away with them on social media.

What do you think of my haul? Are you a Primark fan?



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