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Somebody that I used to know

  I think everyone has heard this song now, it's everywhere. It's catchy but the reason I think it's so popular is the story it tells. It's a timeless break-up song. We've all been there and we all know what it feels like. It doesn't have to just be a partner, it could be a… Continue reading Somebody that I used to know

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Why it costs more to be a woman

If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.  ~Aristotle Onassis I read a column in Grazia last week that quoted a report from an America magazine which found it costs more to be women. I always knew that being a woman has its pros and cons (hello, childbirth!) but this article says… Continue reading Why it costs more to be a woman

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Don’t let yourself give up on your dream

Yesterday I read a blog post from the agent running the competition I've just entered. Shes's received hundreds of submissions. I knew this would be the case but reading it in black and white I felt a moment of deflation. Hundreds. How in the world can I compete with that? How can I stand out amongst them? I hated… Continue reading Don’t let yourself give up on your dream

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PMA = positive mental attitude. The idea that if you think positively you will have the attitude to make things happen and go out there and make it happen. The universe will listen and throw good things your way. You won't give up and you lead yourself to success. Success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon… Continue reading PMA