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A new season

After an unusually warm summer, the season has changed and we're in the midst of autumn here complete with lashings of wind and rain. On the plus side though, the leaves are changing and one of my favourite things is seeing the colours swirling in the air and laying on the ground for us to… Continue reading A new season

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A hedgehog obsession

Probably the best / worst thing about the internet is its capacity to enable your obsessions. My current obsession that is being enabled by the internet is looking at hedgehog pictures. Yes - my name is Vicky and I'm addicted to finding cute hedgehogs online. Because I love you guys I can't leave you out… Continue reading A hedgehog obsession

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Weather vs Mood

I'm often struck by how weather affects my mood. Usually I smile at how fiction from other countries portray England as always being wet - lately though, this is spot on. It seems like it's endlessly raining. And it's pretty depressing. Writers and film makers often use weather to convey mood. Whether using rain to… Continue reading Weather vs Mood