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The power of moments

I saw this quote yesterday. I haven't read the book it comes from although now I will. I just sat staring at it. It felt true, incredibly sad but also inspiring. I found myself thinking about moments and how easily you can let them slip by. The biggest hurdle for me is fear. I suppose… Continue reading The power of moments

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Goals for 2013

As we move into a new year, it's usually a time to look back and look ahead. I don't make resolutions as such, I think a to-do list for the year would be setting myself up to fail but I do like to have some goals to focus on. Last year, I decided to focus… Continue reading Goals for 2013

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Two years of blogging

Two years ago this week I joined WordPress and tomorrow is the second anniversary of my first ever post. When I started blogging, this blog had a generic name and my profile picture was a cartoon. I didn't have my name anywhere and no one offline knew about it. I had no followers and didn't… Continue reading Two years of blogging

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Phobias or why I hate Bonfire Night

The fifth of November in the UK is day we commemorate Guy Fawkes whose plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament failed in 1605. Generally known as Bonfire Night, people not only build bonfires but let off fireworks traditionally to mark this event. This is probably my least favourite time of the year here.… Continue reading Phobias or why I hate Bonfire Night