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The Hunger Games vs. Twilight

I went to see The Hunger Games yesterday. I won’t post another review as I’m a long way behind the rest (although I will say I loved it). Instead, in honour of the film and another favourite of mine Twilight, I thought I’d pitch the YA series’ against each other. Warning: contains spoilers so don’t… Continue reading The Hunger Games vs. Twilight

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Old Skool

I felt really old watching Beyonce's appearance at Glastonbury last weekend (on TV, I don't do camping!) She did a Destiny's Child medley and I got really excited telling my mum they were some of my favourites as a teen - then I realised they started out in 1998 - over ten years ago! You… Continue reading Old Skool

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Bunnies vs feminists

The Playboy club is returning to London after a 25 year absence and the media is awash with stories about the new generation of women who'll be working there as bunnies. The feminists are up in arms that modern women want to work for the club and wear the revealing costume. The new club will be a casino with a hefty membership price… Continue reading Bunnies vs feminists

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Sweet Valley High

I loved Sweet Valley High as a young teen. The series about two California twins Jessica and Elizabeth, who was gorgeous and popular. It was completely unrealistic and often laughable but strangely compelling (like a bad soap opera) and mainly focused on their love lives and twin squabbles. Last year, the series was reprinted making changes to bring it up-to-date, for example,… Continue reading Sweet Valley High

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Is Twitter the new Marmite?

I once tried Twitter. Last year, I thought I’d give it a go curious about the hype and quite fancying becoming a celeb stalker online as well as in print (yes I’m the person in the office people go to for ask celeb questions!) but I dropped it almost immediately. I did not get it.… Continue reading Is Twitter the new Marmite?

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If life was a movie (and pop quiz)

Sigh it's Monday again. So a fun post is in order I think! I love films. I usually watch a new one every week supplemented with a couple of my favourite films. I am someone who can watch a film I enjoy again and again. I could probably quote a few word for word 🙂 Yes I am a film… Continue reading If life was a movie (and pop quiz)