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Countdown to Christmas

Autumn is drawing to a close now, the fallen leaves are losing their colour but I don't mind because that means December and Christmas is fast approaching. The Coca-Cola holidays are coming advert has been shown on TV which traditionally means the holiday season is upon us. I love this time of year and am… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas

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Happily ever afters

Valentine's Day got me thinking about reading and writing romance - when it comes to love is it about the journey or the destination? For me, it's the journey. I actually like romances where you meet the main character and the love interest and it's clear that they belong together but you know it's not… Continue reading Happily ever afters

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Halloween week: Andrew Hammond – a true ghost story

Today I'd like to welcome Andrew Hammond, aΒ author of the Crypt series published by Headline (follow Andrew on Twitter here), to share his real-life experience with a ghost: A true ghost story We'd been living in the old house for about a week when it first happened. My brothers and I were sliding down the… Continue reading Halloween week: Andrew Hammond – a true ghost story

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Halloween week – Amber Sherer – a clown on the banister

Today I'd like to welcome writer and blogger Amber Sherer, who is part of the Limebird writers (and you can follow her on Twitter here), who is sharing a real life scary experience wit us. Watch out if you're scared of clowns! A clown on the banister My family has always been close-knit. We simply… Continue reading Halloween week – Amber Sherer – a clown on the banister