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Baby I was Born this Way

I may write about Glee too much but last night I watched the 'Born this Way' episode and I have to give Glee a big thumbs up for dealing with the issues they did and it definitely inspired me. I have so many days when I dislike things about the way I look, I envy people in magazines or around me for the way they look… Continue reading Baby I was Born this Way

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Get Happy

A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of. Jane Austen The news that Catherine Zeta Jones was treated with bipolar disorder has generated lots of debate. On one hand, praise for her being open about her mental illness and speaking out, on the other hand confusion as to why someone who has so much could suffer with depression.… Continue reading Get Happy

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The Future of Society

This week's topic is the future of society. This topic came to me whilst reading Ally Condie's Matched. The story is set in the future where society dictates the life of Cassia - where she lives and works and who she falls in love with but when she is Matched with her best friend, she catches a glimpse of another boy… Continue reading The Future of Society

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Self Pity vs. Self Belief

This week's topic is a fight between self pity and self belief. Self pity: I hate self pity but I often sink into it. It doesn't matter how many times you tell yourself to count your blessings some days, you still feel sorry for yourself. I wish I didn't sometimes list all the bad points in my life, that I didn't wish for more , that I would not regret things from… Continue reading Self Pity vs. Self Belief

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The Gospel According to Glee

This weeks' theme / topic is courage. Last night's episode of Glee (Never Been Kissed) took on this very theme. Source: The episode centered on Kurt, the show's gay character who has to deal with being the only openly gay guy at his school. A bully from the football team likes to make his life hell and last… Continue reading The Gospel According to Glee

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A Little Bit of Imagination

The thought for this week is imagination. "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."—Walt Disney When I was younger, I lived in an imaginary world. An only child, I made up friends, characters, places, dressed up and let myself dream. As I've got… Continue reading A Little Bit of Imagination

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Chasing Destiny

This week I'm thinking about destiny. When I was younger I believed in destiny - that there was a thing called fate that would lead you on the path of life you meant to travel down. That you're dreams would come true. I suppose I naively thought life would be easy and I'd get everything I wanted. When you get older and have more experience of life, I… Continue reading Chasing Destiny

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The grass is yellow on the other side

This week I've been thinking about relationships and how so many people wish for things they don't have or what others have. Perhaps thinking the grass is greener on the other side but is it really? To help me share my thoughts on the subject, I turn to Jane Austen who wrote my fave book Pride and… Continue reading The grass is yellow on the other side