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The girl in the mirror

I have days when I look in the mirror and I really dislike what I see. Everything looks ugly on me, I feel fat and hideous and nothing goes right - my hair, make up or chosing an outfit. Or I see a photo of me and it's completely unflattering and I cry out "Do I really look like this?!"… Continue reading The girl in the mirror

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Product Queen

I love products. I love walking through the cosmetic area of a department store or making a trip to Boots, our biggest cosmetic / toiletries shop here in the UK. I love the smells, the fancy packaging and the promise of loveliness within. I am always on the look out for a new products although I also have a set of ones I stick to. I also… Continue reading Product Queen

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Behind the Mask

Beauty & The Beast, a documentary shown last night on C4,  showed two people struggling with their looks trying to understand each other's worlds. Photo below: Liam was 60 yr old man who was badly burnt as a child and has struggled with scars all his life. As a result, he was against cosmetic surgery. Yasmin was… Continue reading Behind the Mask