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Cut throat

Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the judging panel of US X Factor after just two weeks. Her boss and mentor and supposed friend Simon Cowell reportedly didn't even tell her in person and is blaming executives at Fox TV for the decision. Cheryl is currently keeping quiet but I imagine she feels angry, humiliated and let down by Simon who took her out to… Continue reading Cut throat


Superinjunctions are a super waste of time

Currently the news over here is alight with the story of super injunctions - male celebrities getting the courts to place an injunction on the media reporting their affairs. A famous footballer recently got one taken out to save his affair with a Big Brother contestant from coming out but Twitter revealed his name anyway… Continue reading Superinjunctions are a super waste of time

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Kinda loving the Kardashians

I have a confession to make - I am becoming slightly obsessed with watching the Kardashian's TV shows. Three are being shown over here on the Viva channel - the original Keeping up with the Kardashians and the spin-offs in Miami and New York. I'm not usually a fan of reality TV shows, not least because they're usually setup and not "real". I watched some of… Continue reading Kinda loving the Kardashians

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I’m a celebrity so I write books

I read the news that British TV presenter Tess Dahly (Strictly come Dancing) has been given a fiction book deal with a sigh. The trend for celeb fiction writing is growing and that seems to spell disaster for us wannabe writers. Publishers are stumping up big advances to pay for a name to write a… Continue reading I’m a celebrity so I write books

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

  A minor celeb over here - a TV presenter, ex-band member and store advertiser - Myleene Klass has just given birth to a girl. Who she's called Hero. Seriously?! I really despair about the outlandish names celebs call their children - don't these kids get bullied? A girl called Hero at my school would… Continue reading A rose by any other name would smell as sweet