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To the Fools who Dream

   I finally watched La La Land the other day and I loved it but particularly because I empathised so much with the two main characters who are in LA to make their dreams come true - one wants to be an actress and the other wants to own his own jazz club. Like most… Continue reading To the Fools who Dream

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The bookshop dream

I recently read that Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney is opening up his own bookshop in the town where he lives. He isn't the first author to do this - Nora Roberts, for example, also owns a bookshop which her husband runs in their hometown.  There seems to have always been a bookshop fantasy for… Continue reading The bookshop dream

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The Social Network

I finally watched The Social Network at the weekend. Regardless of how much the film actually depicts real life events, I couldn't help but marvel how one person can literally change the world. Facebook started in a university dorm room. The guys that created it are my age. They are now billionaires. It's an amazing story.Whatwever we think about Facebook we can't deny… Continue reading The Social Network

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Dream a little dream

Reading this post over at Bonnie's blog http://bonniemelt.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/9033/ prompted me to think about dreams. She found a great site where you can interpret your dreams for free (http://www.dream-interpretation.co.uk/) I recently had a dream that I was pregnant. This is what it means apparently - To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of… Continue reading Dream a little dream