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Coachella cool

Every year I get completely jealous when I see photos of the Coachella music festival in California. Cool people, trendy bands, fashion fun and lovely warm weather. Festivals over here are usually about the rain and mud in comparison. Hopefully one year I'll get to go myself but for now, here are my favourite outfits from the event. Fab summer… Continue reading Coachella cool

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The sun has got his hat on

We are experiencing some gorgeous weather in the UK right now - it's sunny and unseasonably warm, we're even beating the Med on temperature. There's something about the sunshine that makes everything seem better and my mood much lighter. Yesterday I grabbed a lunch break and sat out for some sun catching. I must start bringing sun cream to work as my shoulder got a bit red… Continue reading The sun has got his hat on

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Sunshine, Shopping and Songs

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Surrey - the sun was shinning and the sky was completely blue and it was amazingly warm for April. After I had my nails done (I get acrylic tips) I walked into the next town to make the most of the lovely day and to hit the shops. I really needed… Continue reading Sunshine, Shopping and Songs

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Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes

Today I am wearing new shoes (black leather lace up boots) and they REALLY hurt. Walking through London trying to smile through the pain, I was thinking about the saying "walk a mile in someone's shoes" - that you can't really know what someone's life is like unless you experience it for yourself. I got a snapshot of two very different viewpoints yesterday from women in… Continue reading Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes