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Why is feminism such a scary word?

I found this Guardian article about the Suffragettes on Twitter today. The article is called nine inspiring lessons the Suffragettes can teach feminists today and is certainly a powerful article about how women gained the right to vote and how difficult that fight was. All women who live in countries that allow them the same right to… Continue reading Why is feminism such a scary word?

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The Bechdel test

I recently researched an agent to submit my book to who mentioned that she liked to receive stories that passed the Bechdel test. Intrigued, I headed to Google to find out what this is. The Bechdel Test, sometimes called the Mo Movie Measure or Bechdel Rule is a simple test which names the following three criteria: (1) it… Continue reading The Bechdel test

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Bunnies vs feminists

The Playboy club is returning to London after a 25 year absence and the media is awash with stories about the new generation of women who'll be working there as bunnies. The feminists are up in arms that modern women want to work for the club and wear the revealing costume. The new club will be a casino with a hefty membership price… Continue reading Bunnies vs feminists

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Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes

Today I am wearing new shoes (black leather lace up boots) and they REALLY hurt. Walking through London trying to smile through the pain, I was thinking about the saying "walk a mile in someone's shoes" - that you can't really know what someone's life is like unless you experience it for yourself. I got a snapshot of two very different viewpoints yesterday from women in… Continue reading Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes