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What you CAN say to a writer

So this week Twitter was ablaze with writers joining in with the hashtag #tenthingsnottosaytoawriter started by Joanne Harris. A list of things writers hear a lot that often amuse but also make us want to bang our heads against the desk, such as: "How many books have you sold?" "Should I have heard of you?"… Continue reading What you CAN say to a writer

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A Brooding Hero

Am I the only one who has become obsessed with the BBC series Poldark?! I do love a good costume drama and let's face it, a large part of the appeal is the brooding hero at the heart of most of them! So here are my favourite brooding heroes from costume dramas. You're welcome. Ross… Continue reading A Brooding Hero

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If you’re editing and you know it, clap your hands

I'm in the midst of editing and I keep seeing people sharing funny pictures to show what editing is like. Seriously it's such a relief to know you're not the only one staring at your laptop wondering why a chapter that seemed amazing yesterday now needs a complete rewrite. I feel like my inner voice… Continue reading If you’re editing and you know it, clap your hands