Flatlay Like A Boss 

  I’ve been asked quite a bit lately how I create flatlays for my Instagram so I thought it would be fun to share some tips. I always find flatlays generate a lot of attention on Instagram and I love looking at them myself. They are visually appealing and really stand out when you’re scrolling through photos online. 

If you want to join in the flatlay fun then here are my Five Helpful Hints ….

1. Tell a story

If you’re not sure where to start with a flatlay image, think about the story you want to tell. What do you want to show people through the photo. 

For example, in my flatlay above I used a concert ticket and the top I planned to wear to it as my story – showing everyone where I was off to that day. You could read the caption I wrote about it but the image speaks for itself and just glancing at it tells you a story. 

2. A backdrop dream   


You want the pieces in your flatlay to stand out as much a possible so you’ll need a plain background. In the photo above, I used my desk or you could use the carpet, your bed or a coloured piece of card like I did for the concert picture. 

3. Get propping 

For a great flatlay, you’ll need props. And it doesn’t have to be costly. I’ve found some great bargains but I’ve also used lots of things I already had. Beauty products work really well and stationery is always popular. It’s lots of fun experimenting with what works the best. This flatlay generated a ton of likes I think becauseeverything stands out and works together really well. And the symmetry is pleasing to the eye. I’m happy with it anyway!

4. The right light

I’ve found natural light is the best to work with but it isn’t easy to get rid of shadows. Editing your photo afterwards will be useful in most cases. I usually have to lighten and brighten an image and a sharpening tool helps makes a picture pop. Editing wise I use the Camera+ app and Snapseed as well as Instagram’s editing tools to make my photos look as good as possible and in keeping with each other.

5. Birds eye view 

And then finally, you need to frame your photo. I usually put things together then look through my phone camera to see if it’s working. Standing high gives a great flatlay so you might need to climb up on a chair to get the best shot. Things often look different once you get up high so adjusting the photo will be key. 

I have often had to take a ton of photos moving things around ever so slightly so it all fits into the frame. Your patience should be rewarded at the end though with a fab flatlay to post.

I love playing around with flatlays as you’ll see if you follow my Instagram (check it out here: https://www.instagram.com/vickyjwalters/) and I love looking at them so do let me know if this inspires you to post one!

Do you have any other flatlay tips? Let us know in the comments!




If only there was an Instagram filter for life

I avoided Instagram for a long time expecting it to just be a copy of Facebook and wondering if I could really handle yet another social media account but I must admit I’m loving being on there at the moment. I love seeing pictures from all round the world, and there is an endless supply of cute cat pictures to dive into!

I am also contributing to them myself:


Harry as the latest must-have accessory: cat-in-a-bag!

I also love the filters you can use on there, and how much better they can make your photos look. There’s an automatic zoom when you upload a photo on Instagram and a vast array of options to tweak them so they can look the best they possibly can.

Harry and I filtered to look our best

Harry and I filtered to look our best

Harry likes me to use it to share his many pearls of wisdom such as this one:



I am currently experimenting with which filters on there work the best, and I’m loving the tilt shift function so you can focus on one part of a picture leaving the rest of it in soft focus like these:

Focusing on the ducks in the foreground

Focusing on the ducks in the foreground

Harry stopping to smell the roses

Harry stopping to smell the roses

It’s also the perfect place to share my sunset capturing obsession. The sunset hashtag is very popular on there! I have found my people at last 🙂



It’s also a great place for book lovers too with lots of bloggers and authors on there and a lot of people sharing photos of books. A perfect opportunity to share this:


The best tote bag in the world ever

It’s proving to be a place where you can spend a lot of time being lost amongst pretty pictures so you have fair warning if you join up too.

And if you’re on there already, wave hi to me please! My username is: vickyjwalters.


Fairylights sparkling in my garden

Are you an Instagram fan?