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Snow days

This weekend we were covered in a blanket of snow. As I watched the flakes float down past the window, I thought about how the mood the snow created felt different to how snow should. Usually when I think about snow, I imagine children laughing and playing, throwing snowballs and building snowmen or I imagine… Continue reading Snow days

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Autumn arrives

  The temperature cools spreading a chill through the air The leaves sway in the breeze Transforming our world from green to red, orange and yellow Our cheeks pink and glowing Scarves wrapped tightly around our necks and jackets pulled across our chest Pumpkins carved, fireworks lit and chestnuts toasted Kicking the leaves from the… Continue reading Autumn arrives

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Weather vs Mood

I'm often struck by how weather affects my mood. Usually I smile at how fiction from other countries portray England as always being wet - lately though, this is spot on. It seems like it's endlessly raining. And it's pretty depressing. Writers and film makers often use weather to convey mood. Whether using rain to… Continue reading Weather vs Mood