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As we walk in fields of purple

This week I visited Mayfield Lavender Farm which is open a few months a year when lavender is in bloom. It's basically a place to snap photos surrounded by lavender, breathing in the lovely fragrance and trying to avoid the bees and wasps crowded in the flowers. It was a cloudier day than had bene forecasted… Continue reading As we walk in fields of purple

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If only there was an Instagram filter for life

I avoided Instagram for a long time expecting it to just be a copy of Facebook and wondering if I could really handle yet another social media account but I must admit I'm loving being on there at the moment. I love seeing pictures from all round the world, and there is an endless supply… Continue reading If only there was an Instagram filter for life

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A Parisian Affair

Paris is a beautiful city full of historic cream stone buildings, ornate bridges and wide pavements built for strolling past the river on. Like any city, there are contradictions, beauty paired with busy roads where drivers seem to take their lives in their hands, chic women in designer clothes walking past the homeless and delicious croissants being sold next to MacDonalds.  A weekend… Continue reading A Parisian Affair

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This week … Inspiration

This week I've been thinking about inspiration. It's important to have things you love and things that inspire, often they are not mutually exclusive. It depends. Sometimes you can admire someone's work or life without actually loving what they do. But regardless, if something speaks to you in some way it will inspire you, even if you don't realise it. Books and writers are an obvious choice for… Continue reading This week … Inspiration