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Books read in August 2015

   We Never Asked For Wings - Vanessa Diffenbaugh     How far would you go for your children? Would you lie for them? Flee with them? Let someone else mother them if you thought they would do a better job? As a single parent, Letty does everything for her two children - apart from raise… Continue reading Books read in August 2015

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I'm nearly at the end of my TBR (to-be-read) pile of books. I'm not sure when I started to build up a pile of books to read rather than just having the one I'm actually reading but once it begins, it's hard to get the pile down - you might see a bargain you have… Continue reading TBR

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Reading is a right not a privledge

One of our newspapers The Evening Standard is running a campaign to tackle illiteracy in London. According to the paper, one in three children do not own a book and how one million working adults cannot read in the city. I am shocked that so many people are being held back in the world by… Continue reading Reading is a right not a privledge

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So many books, so little time

While I've been off work, I have bene to the shops several times (of course!) and seem to have accumulated a stack of books that need reading. I'm running out of space to house all my books but want to keep them for a future book shelf display when I actually have my own house and I just can't stop buying… Continue reading So many books, so little time