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This Day is Ours

Today has been a stressful one so far. First off, I didn't sleep well and forgot I needed to wash my hair and got up too late so it's really greasy. I then realised I had a cold and felt crappy. Then I missed my train because the ticket man was so slow then the tube was overcrowded so I… Continue reading This Day is Ours

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Behind the Mask

Beauty & The Beast, a documentary shown last night on C4,  showed two people struggling with their looks trying to understand each other's worlds. Photo below: Liam was 60 yr old man who was badly burnt as a child and has struggled with scars all his life. As a result, he was against cosmetic surgery. Yasmin was… Continue reading Behind the Mask

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Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes

Today I am wearing new shoes (black leather lace up boots) and they REALLY hurt. Walking through London trying to smile through the pain, I was thinking about the saying "walk a mile in someone's shoes" - that you can't really know what someone's life is like unless you experience it for yourself. I got a snapshot of two very different viewpoints yesterday from women in… Continue reading Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes

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Chasing Destiny

This week I'm thinking about destiny. When I was younger I believed in destiny - that there was a thing called fate that would lead you on the path of life you meant to travel down. That you're dreams would come true. I suppose I naively thought life would be easy and I'd get everything I wanted. When you get older and have more experience of life, I… Continue reading Chasing Destiny

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Where did you have it last?

This morning my mum couldn't find her reading glasses despite reading until late last night in bed. She mentioned that she knocked over her bedside lamp and I suggested the glasses could have fallen off with it but she said she had looked and pulled her bed out and was going crazy wondering where they could be! On… Continue reading Where did you have it last?

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The grass is yellow on the other side

This week I've been thinking about relationships and how so many people wish for things they don't have or what others have. Perhaps thinking the grass is greener on the other side but is it really? To help me share my thoughts on the subject, I turn to Jane Austen who wrote my fave book Pride and… Continue reading The grass is yellow on the other side