Hopeless romantic vs. Love cynic

I am a bit bipolar when it comes to thinking about love and relationships, unsure of what I really think about it all and what my love future looks like. I feel differently on different days so here are the two sides of my heart. Maybe I can decide which side I'm really on. Hopeles… Continue reading Hopeless romantic vs. Love cynic

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Coupled up? Help a single girl out!

After my post on Tuesday "Single Ladies", I've stumbled on several blogs - both old and new bemoaning the fact that nowadays it seems so difficult to meet a new partner. If you don't have anyone available in your social circle or at work, which let's face it could get very awkward, then the only option left seems to be online dating. I… Continue reading Coupled up? Help a single girl out!

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Just don’t call me Bridget

Okay I admit that sometimes I worry I might be turning into Bridget Jones. Not because of an addiction to smoking and Chardonnay but because of my fantasy of true romance, which has been clouded by countless happily-ever-after films mixed with my cynical view of love, thanks to broken hearts and bad dates. Sometimes I can picture myself singing 'All by Myself' with mascara running down… Continue reading Just don’t call me Bridget

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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Okay so V Day is here and for a single lady, there are 2 options - curl under your duvet and cry whilst clutching a box of choccies and watching a sob fest romance film, OR push your shoulders back, lift that chin high and not worry you don't have someone to make a fuss of… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

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The Ex Factor

So Jude Law and Sienna Miller have announced they have split for the second time and cancelled a second engagement. The first time round he cheated, this time no explanation but got me thinking can it ever really work getting back with an ex? This happened to me once - I got dumped and instead of realising it was the best thing for the relationship to… Continue reading The Ex Factor

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Friends vs Husbands

Sex and The City - a favourite show of  mine and I'm going to use as my example for the blog post today. Friends vs husbands. When you're younger you have lots of friends and you see them regularly - at school or a club, then as you grow up your friendship group tends to shrink as you develop a set… Continue reading Friends vs Husbands