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Favourite time of year

Well, December has arrived and the countdown to Christmas has begun! I love Christmas and I'm glad that even as I've grown up I haven't lost that excitement for the season. I seem to have got ready even earlier than usual this year, I think because I decorated the tree a couple of days before… Continue reading Favourite time of year

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Birthday treats

Yesterday I turned the dreaded 30! Luckily I had a lovely day so some of the sting was taken out of the scary age 🙂 I had lots of lovely messages from you guys so thank you and I woke up to a balloon, cake and lots of cards. I had a girly day planned… Continue reading Birthday treats

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Scary Stories

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the Point Horror books. Anyone else remember them? They were a horror series of books by different authors and in my early teens seemed very frightening. They were the first really scary stories I had read - before that, Roald Dahl was probably my first dip… Continue reading Scary Stories