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Hiding from the stress bubble

I am trying really hard not to get too stressed about work but it's there perched on my shoulder threatening to cover my eyes with its darkness. I hate giving in to the feeling. It doesn't help that I'm off to a work event for the next few days so I can't escape and get… Continue reading Hiding from the stress bubble

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Stressful days are a nightmare. Sometimes I can literally feel  my pulse speeding up and my hands becoming tense, balling up into fists. I either want to scream or burst into tears. I want to run far away from the thing causing me stress and hide in a little ball somewhere. At times like these, I have to remind myself to breathe.… Continue reading Breathe

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Hamster in a wheel

Do you ever feel like a hamster in a  wheel? Constantly running on the same circle? Going through the same motions on an endless treadmill? Sometimes I can't see a difference between my days. They are filled with work and commuting with a snatch of an evening and a collapse into bed. I sometimes forget to think I'm on such a cycle of repeat.… Continue reading Hamster in a wheel