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Capturing changes

Facebook timeline is launching. I set mine up and published it early. I wanted a chance to edit it and get used to it. The main difference is old posts used to be hard to find, now you can look back at your Facebook exsistence easily. Thankfully, I was a sporodic user until recently so… Continue reading Capturing changes

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The Social Network

I finally watched The Social Network at the weekend. Regardless of how much the film actually depicts real life events, I couldn't help but marvel how one person can literally change the world. Facebook started in a university dorm room. The guys that created it are my age. They are now billionaires. It's an amazing story.Whatwever we think about Facebook we can't deny… Continue reading The Social Network

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My best friend is a screen

I'm starting to worry about the future. Everywhere you go things are turning into self service, screens are replacing books and actual conversations and you don't even have to go out anymore, things get delivered to you. But where will it end - will we all end up hermits locked to a computer screen forgetting how to talk to each other?! Years… Continue reading My best friend is a screen

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Where have you been all my life?

Here are the best inventions in my lifetime (from 1983 onwards) in my opinion: 1. Hair straighteners: I use GHDs almost everyday. My hair is naturally thick and wavy with a tendency to frizz especially in wet weather. Straighteners have meant I can actually style my hair. When I was younger it was very busy (think Hermonie from HP) until I chopped… Continue reading Where have you been all my life?

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Is Twitter the new Marmite?

I once tried Twitter. Last year, I thought I’d give it a go curious about the hype and quite fancying becoming a celeb stalker online as well as in print (yes I’m the person in the office people go to for ask celeb questions!) but I dropped it almost immediately. I did not get it.… Continue reading Is Twitter the new Marmite?

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Kindle vs Books

Increasingly, I am noticing people on my train and the tube reading from Kindle's and it concerns me. I don't want to lose my love of books by transferring them to an electronic device. I love holding books and flicking the pages, enjoying creative book covers, browsing for books either in a bookshop or online, getting excited by… Continue reading Kindle vs Books

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No TV, No iPod, No Computer … Oh My!

An American family featured this week on British breakfast TV show Daybreak. Mother Susan Maushart ( decided to unplug her teenagers electronic devices for SIX months after becoming concerned about how much time the family spent on the laptops, TV, phones etc instead of spending quality time together. OMG. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the family found the 6 months brought them closer - they spent their time talking, playing games,… Continue reading No TV, No iPod, No Computer … Oh My!