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Weather vs Mood

I'm often struck by how weather affects my mood. Usually I smile at how fiction from other countries portray England as always being wet - lately though, this is spot on. It seems like it's endlessly raining. And it's pretty depressing. Writers and film makers often use weather to convey mood. Whether using rain to… Continue reading Weather vs Mood


Rain on the window

I'm writing this on the train into work. It's grey and raining and droplets roll down the window as I stare out, not looking forward to my day at work and wishing for a change, for something I'm not entirely sure of. Yesterday I had the day off work and went for some blood tests.… Continue reading Rain on the window

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The sun has got his hat on

We are experiencing some gorgeous weather in the UK right now - it's sunny and unseasonably warm, we're even beating the Med on temperature. There's something about the sunshine that makes everything seem better and my mood much lighter. Yesterday I grabbed a lunch break and sat out for some sun catching. I must start bringing sun cream to work as my shoulder got a bit red… Continue reading The sun has got his hat on

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No Kissing in the Rain

Waking up to a grey, cloudy day and hearing the patter of heavy rain on the roof, fills me with glumness. There's no joy in the rain - it means umbrellas and hoods, frizzy hair, wet jeans and waterproof shoes that inevitably turn out not to be waterproof. When I wake up to the rain, my smile fades. It puts… Continue reading No Kissing in the Rain