AS IF – 20 years of Clueless


I can’t believe that Clueless is twenty years old today. This film was such a big part of my teen years, and is still a favourite today. I could probably mute the dialogue and quote it all myself, I’ve seen it so many times.


I loved it from the first time I watched it – the rapid fire dialogue complete with slang words I’d never heard before, the hilarious but somehow cool fashion statements, the feisty female leads, the cute love interest (Paul Rudd is still hot!!) and a flawed main character who gets so much wrong but you root for her anyway. The fact that Clueless is (loosely!) based on Jane Austen’s Emma, which I adore, made it even more special. Plus it’s written and directed by a woman, still a rarity in Hollywood.


And it’s a feminist masterpiece! The film is all about female friendship; the girl’s have different views of boys and sex but don’t judge each other for it, and the central theme is about following your heart even if it’s not considered ‘cool’. The film is still important twenty years on . It’s also one of the few rom coms that is both funny and romantic.

There is Paul Rudd. Already said that? Oh well! Appreciation gif:


So, to celebrate the anniversary I shall be watching the film again (on DVD not VHS, we have moved on a little bit since it was released!) and I we can sum up my thoughts on this film as ….


Are you a Clueless fan too?




Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

My mum and I arrived in Eastbourne to gorgeous sunshine this weekend

My mum and I arrived in Eastbourne to gorgeous sunshine this weekend

Flowers along the seafront

Flowers along the seafront

Wind-swept on the pier

Windswept on the pier

Eastbourne pier

Eastbourne pier



Don’t mind if I do :)

Sun setting on the pier

Sun setting on the pier


Windswept on the seafront this time

Windswept on the seafront this time


The second day the weather turned into typical English seaside weather though :(

We still braved the seafront even though it was grey, rainy and cold!

We still braved the seafront even though it was grey, rainy and cold!

Why, yes, I am stupid enough to be on the beach right now!

Why, yes, I am stupid enough to be on the beach right now!



Even the seagulls were subdued – do not trust them though one stole my sandwich and another bit my mum on her hand!

Lovely to catch the fairy lights switching along the seafront

It was lovely to catch the fairy lights switching along the seafront on our last night




Sunday Songs

A summery themed Sunday Songs this week to match the current heatwave here in the UK!

Tori Kelly – Should’ve Been Us

Rita Ora – Poison

Alexa Goddard – We Broke The Sky

Hilary Duff – Tattoo

Sigma & Ella Henderson – Glitterball

Rachel Platten – Fight Song

More songs on my Spotify playlist – Let The Sun Shine




Pinteresting It Up

I have joined Pinterest! When I write I definitely think about the story visually. I imagine the setting, the people, the buildings that are in my story either because I have actually seen them somewhere or I paint a picture in my mind of what I want them to look like. My forthcoming novel is set in Cornwall, England and a lot of scenes take place in, around, close by to the beautiful coastline there. Hopefully, the novel paints the picture well but I thought it would be fun to use a Pinterest board to show some of my inspiration for the book. At the moment the board will give you a taste of what to expect from the book (sun, sea, sand, love, art and more!) and then when you read the book, you can look back at the images and bring the pages you’re reading to life!

The Second Love Of My Life board:

I have also created a board for my short story The Summer I Met You. This is a prequel to the novel but can be read as its own story as well. The story takes place in both Devon and Cornwall so you’ll find images from Devon on this board as well as other images that reminded me of the story, its setting and its characters too!

The Summer I Met You Board:

I have only just joined Pinterest so I’m sure I’ll be adding more images and boards in the future. I’d love to follow you guys on there so please leave your links in the comments for me!




The side effect of being a bookseller

I have always loved books obviously but since I started working in a bookshop, I have developed an addiction to buying them. I used to buy a book, read it, and then buy another book but now I have a pile of around 40 books waiting for me to read them.


Recent book buys 

Going to a bookshop is no longer an infrequent activity. I now see books ALL the time. I see new, shiny ones arrive and put them out on a table or bookshelf, glancing at blurbs, a cover catching my eye, and so often seeing one that looks like something I’d love, and really should come home with me. Plus the staff discount makes it seem almost wrong not to buy the book!

CGCBJVhWoAA3_Zb.jpg-large CGWhlA7W8AAIytv.jpg-large

I remember writing a blog post about to-be-read piles, marvelling that I had bought three books at once. Ha! That seems ridiculous restrained right now. I definitely think the reason I buy a book has changed too. I used to buy a book because I was planning to buy it. I’d go into a shop or online and just buy the book I wanted because it was part of a series or I’d heard good things on Twitter, from bloggers, or was recommended it because of other books I’d liked in the past. But now I buy a book I may never have heard of before.


More for the pile!

This means I am trying a wider range of books I think. I went through a phase of just narrowly reading YA books and I still love picking up YA but I have also tried books I wouldn’t have done without being surrounded by so many, such as modern classics, books I had thought ‘oh I should read that one day’, and now actually have, or books spotlighted for customers that I have loved. Fellow booksellers and even customers have recommended books to me as well.


I am sure that widening the range of books I’m reading will help my writing too. I am obviously reading a lot more women’s fiction now I will be part of the genre (April 2016 hurrah!) with my own novel, The Second Love Of My Life, but reading around the genre too. All reading helps writing.


Because you can’t just buy one book

So, although the side effect of being a bookseller is that I buy far too many books now, I have no problem with my addiction. I love to read. I love to look at my pile after finishing a book and being able to choose between titles for my next read depending on my mood that day. Although sometimes I do worry I won’t be able to get through the books I have!

How many books do you buy? Is your TBR pile teetering? Share your photos with us below!




Books read in June 2015

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Armin


A notice in The Times addressed to ‘Those who Appreciate Wistaria and Sunshine’ advertises a ‘small mediaeval Italian Castle on the shores of the Mediterranean to be let furnished for the month of April’. Four very different women take up the offer, escaping dreary London for the sunshine of Italy. Among the party are Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Arthuthnot, both fleeing unappreciative husbands; beautiful Lady Caroline, sick of being ‘grabbed’ by lovestruck men; and the imperious Mrs Fisher, who spends her time remembering the bearded ‘great men’ she knew in her Victorian childhood. By the end of their holiday, all the women will fall completely under the spell of Italy in this funny, insightful and very charming novel.

Endgame by C.J Daugherty (book 5 in the Night School series)


The spy is gone but the cost has been high – the rebels at Cimmeria Academy have lost their leader and Carter West is missing. Nathaniel can taste victory. But Allie and the other survivors aren’t done yet. First they have to get Carter back. Then they plan to make Nathaniel pay.

One Small Act Of Kindness by Lucy Dillon


Libby and her husband Jason have moved back to his hometown to turn the family B&B into a boutique hotel. They have left London behind and all the memories – good and bad – that went with it.
The injured woman Libby finds lying in the remote country road has lost her memory. She doesn’t know why she came to be there, and no one seems to be looking for her.
When Libby offers to take her in, this one small act of kindness sets in motion a chain of events that will change many people’s lives . . .

Book of the month:

Wild by Cheryl Strayed


At twenty-six, Cheryl Strayed thought she had lost everything. In the wake of her mother’s rapid death from cancer, her family disbanded and her marriage crumbled. With nothing to lose, she made the most impulsive decision of her life: to walk eleven-hundred miles of the west coast of America and to do it alone. She had no experience of long-distance hiking and the journey was nothing more than a line on a map. But it held a promise – a promise of piecing together a life that lay shattered at her feet…

I read Wild after enjoying the film adaptation but wanting to know more about her story. I’m so glad I read the book as, so often the case, it was definitely a deeper and richer experience. Wild is a memoir, a travel journal, of Cheryl’s time walking the Pacific Crest Trail but it also delves into her past and her reasons for tackling the trail, and how it changed her. I do not read a lot of non-fiction but Cheryl is a great writer and her story proves the truth is often stranger than fiction. You have to admire her strength and perseverance during her hike, and there are a lot of emotional moments as she looks back on her mother’s death and how she struggled to deal with it. It’s an inspiring, brave and honest story. I shall be definitely looking into her other work.

The last line of the book will stick with me for a long time I think: