This week I fell in love with Disney’s Frozen. I saw it for the first time and understood why everyone loves it. I’m a big Disney fan anyway so it was no surprise I’d be thrilled with the animation and songs. I loved the fact it centered on two sisters and finding a prince wasn’t the aim of the game for once. The film’s two crown jewels though were the amazing Let It Go sequence and Olaf the snowman.

Here are my favourite quotes:





And here’s that Let It Go sequence:

Any other Frozen fans?



A hedgehog obsession

Probably the best / worst thing about the internet is its capacity to enable your obsessions. My current obsession that is being enabled by the internet is looking at hedgehog pictures. Yes – my name is Vicky and I’m addicted to finding cute hedgehogs online.

Because I love you guys I can’t leave you out of this obsession and I shall share my favourite hedgehog pictures with you today (all found via Google images, I own nothing especially a hedgehog, which is really sad :( )







hedgehog baby via tumblr_lbcjq5Qdw71qa9u6ko1_500

Now that I’ve shared my obsession, I want to hear yours! What can’t you stop looking at online? (Um, keep it clean folks :) )



Sunday Songs

My songs of the week:

Lauren Aquilina is my new musical crush. I can’t believe she’s only eighteen, her songs are beautifully epic. This is from her latest EP Lovers or Liars:

Dan and Shay are a new country pop duo and their album is on constant repeat for me right now. This is 19 You And Me:

I’m a bit late to the Sara Evans party as I’ve only just discovered her. Love the country rock sound on her latest album Slow Me Down and I can’t stop singing along to this one. If I Run:

I found two fab duets to share this week. Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert:

Shakira and Blake Shelton:

I didn’t realise this was Cher Lloyd when I heard it, I think it could be my favourite summer song this year. Sirens:

Last but not least the new song from Sam Smith, which give me chills when I hear it. Stay With Me:

What are you listening to?



Eleven questions

The lovely Vicky from Vicky Finds Work nominated me for the Liebster award yay, thanks Vicky!


The award comes with questions and I loved the ones Vicky came up with so here goes!

1) What is your dream job?

WRITER. I suspect this is obvious :)

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I love living in England  and suspect I’ll never leave but if I had to live somewhere else I’d choose New York every time!

3) Favourite book?

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

4) If you could interview any actor, who would it be?

Either Ian Somerhalder or Jensen Ackles although the interview would be mostly me fangirling, blushing and falling over in excitement!

Excuse to share pictures? I think so :)



5) While we’re on the subject, what is your favourite film?

Ugh this is a hard one because i have like a top ten depending on my mood but I think the film I’ve watched the most is You’ve Got Mail so we will go with that!

6) Explain one of your favourite memories.

The one that comes to mind is going to Disneyland Paris with my mum, it was such a happy place and so much fun! Plus I got to hang-out with Minnie Mouse :)

7) Best restaurant you’ve ever been to?

An Italian restaurant in New York and I’m so annoyed I didn’t write down the name! My cousin and I had been walking all day, we were starving and exhausted and their garlic bread and pasta carbonara felt like the best thing we had ever tasted!

8) What is your favourite blog?

Probably Buzzfeed – they seem to always talk about things I’m obsessed with!

9) Do you watch YouTube? If so, who is your favourite YouTuber?

Only for music to be honest.

10) What car would you get if money was no object?

A purple VW Beetle :)

11) What is true happiness to you?

As I read this question, Kacey Musgrave’s Follow Your Arrow started playing and I think it’s great advice on how to be happy:


Now I’m supposed to pass this award on to 11 bloggers but I’d love to give it to anyone who wants to take part and answer Vicky’s questions so post your answers in the comments below so we can all get to know you!




Sunshine and flowers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the UK so I spent the day with Mama Walters at Hampton Court Palace. The gardens are always lovely in the spring as they are filled with daffodils and the sun came out so we had sandwiches and cakes outside in the cafe then strolled through the flowers.

I took some pictures on my phone barely able to see my screen but it wasn’t difficult to take some good shots as it was stunning there. They are a bit dark in places though. This is what I found:

A path framed with flowers:


Seeing the world through blossom:


A carpet of daffodils:


It seemed as though the daffodils had faces. I like to think they were smiling:


A gorgeous pink magnolia canopy:


A tree to dream under:






A birthday and a day of happy

Last week was my birthday. It’s a cliche but when you’re younger time seemed to go so slowly, I remember the six week summer holiday from school stretching endlessly and everyone looking so different when we came back but I can’t quite believe that another year has passed since my last birthday. I suppose this feeling really means I’m getting older. I am properly in my thirties now but you know what age is really just a number.

My favourite photo from last week was a quick one we took with me posing at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. A silly, fun moment that shows even though I’m thirty-one now I often act like I’m still sixteen :)


I also found a website where you can find out which celebrities are the same age as you. I was cheered up to find good company in Kelly Clarkson, Emily Blunt, Carrie Underwood and Leann Rimes :)

This year my birthday fell on International Day Of Happiness, which worked well as I had cake :) And I think sometimes you have to chose to be happy. I could have felt sad about time slipping away this year or turning another year older but I tried to focus on the good things like the people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday and help me celebrate.

‘Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new’ - Sammy Hagar







Anything is possible

If you believe, anything is possible …


That’s the tagline on the DVD case for One Chance, a film I watched recently and loved. It’s based on the true story of Paul Potts – a Welsh opera singer that seemingly came from nowhere to win the first series of Britain’s Got Talent. His story is an inspiring one. Paul grew up in a small Welsh town, bullied by kids for loving opera but he clung to his surprising talent despite the ridicule and seemed to be on the verge of success when he made enough money to go to an opera school in Italy and meet his idol Pavarotti but his nerves failed him and his dreams came crashing down. I won’t spoil the plot for you but everything that could do wrong for Paul seemed to but his passion for music carried him through and when he finally got to the BGT stage, everything finally fell into place.

The film itself is great, I loved the cast and it was funny and utilmately  feel-good. I’m sure some events were changed for the film but it was still a hugely inspirational tale about not letting failures stop you from striving for success. It’s noticeable how many successful people have a less than perfect start and don’t have an easy ride to the top. I always assumed a lot of the people who win reality TV shows don’t have such tough rides, it seems like an easier road for them so it was interesting to see how one such winner had struggled before getting that yes from Simon Cowell on the show.

You don’t always get to see the journey someone took before their dream came true.


I was moved by the film and the real story behind it and was definitely reminded that you don’t always know the struggles people go through when you read about success. Everyone has a different journey in life and that’s okay. If you have a dream, keep going and don’t give up because your day will come.

What real-life success stories have inspired you?




Sunday Songs

My songs of the week:

I love Shane Filan’s debut solo album (he used to be in Westlife) it’s a summery pop / country mix and this is my favourite song on there. Always Tomorrow:

A great slice of pop / rock from new boy band 5 Seconds of Summer, perfect for the sunny weather today. She Looks So Perfect:

Love the original and now Little Mix have covered Word Up as this year’s Sports Relief song. For charity and full of sassy fun:

Up and coming artist Ben Montague is a fab find. This is Love Like Stars:

What have you guys been listening to?



Sunday Songs

My songs of the week:

I’m a big fan of Miranda Lambert so was really excited to hear her new song Automatic. Hopefully, an album is on its way!

‘I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love’ – all writers can relate to Sam Smith’s song about getting his record deal. Money On My Mind:

I can’t stop playing Haim’s album and this is the latest song from it. If I Could Change Your Mind:

This is a gorgeous country ballad from Kellie Pickler. Closer To Nowhere:

The final song from My Chemical Romance – Fake Your Death:

What have you been listening to this week?



If you’re editing and you know it, clap your hands


I’m in the midst of editing and I keep seeing people sharing funny pictures to show what editing is like. Seriously it’s such a relief to know you’re not the only one staring at your laptop wondering why a chapter that seemed amazing yesterday now needs a complete rewrite.

I feel like my inner voice is yelling at me for making stupid mistakes sometimes. It sounds a bit like Ross:


Editing can be a painful process but when you step back back and see your work start to improve and become closer to what you set out for it to be it’s exciting too.

I just make sure I have a plentiful supply of chocolate biscuits to see me through it :)


Do you enjoying editing?




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