New agent news

Hi everyone!

In case you missed the announcement on Twitter or Facebook – and really why do we not hang out in those places as well as here?!! – I have a new agent yay!

Really excited to announce that I’m now represented by the lovely Hannah Ferguson at Hardman and Swainson.

You can (and should!) follow Hannah on Twitter here.



In other news, today I’m hanging out on Comet Babe’s Books blogs talking about my book boyfriend.

HINT – Lake Scene.

Read my post HERE.

whoa cute guy alert



What books have influenced you?

You may have seen this question flying around Facebook lately. People have been tagging friends to find out which ten have stayed with them in some way. The rules are – Don’t take more than a few minutes, and don’t think too hard. They do not have to be great works of literature, just books that have affected you in some way.

My ten books are:

1. Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice (but really all her books!)

2. Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre

3. Dodi Smith – I Capture the Castle

4. Louisa May Alcott – Little Women

5. JK Rowling – Harry Potter (cheating a little by saying the whole series!)

6. Stephenie Meyer – Twilight

7. Kathryn Stockett – The Help

8. John Green – The Fault In Our Stars

9. Elizabeth Gaskell – North and South

10. Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones’s Diary

What I like is the idea that the books are ones that have affected / influenced you the most. The ones that come to your mind first. It would be interesting to make the list again on the future to see if there are any changes.

What ten books would you choose?


Checking in with Harry


It’s been three months since Harry came to live with me so I wanted to share some more photos. Look away if you don’t enjoy cat pictures and really if you don’t, you need to reassess :)

Harry’s favourite place at the moment is the sink. He likes to lie down, play with a ball in there and drink from the tap:



Harry loves taking selfies with me *ahem poor cat*




He likes to sit and think about life a lot too:





He also likes a good book to read AKA sit on:


He also loves bags to hide in:




But like most cats, his favourite time of day is sleeping time:




Summer Reads

I realised that I haven’t talked about books on here so far this year because I haven’t quite felt passionate enough about any I’ve read to recommend. But this summer two books have stood out for me and I am compelled to share them with you guys!

Flowers in the Attic – Virginia Andrews


This is a pretty horrific story of four children locked in the attic by their mother and grandmother all due to their greed for the grandfather’s money. I don’t why it’s so compelling but I tore through this book and was desperate to discover if they make it out of the attic. There are some disturbing parts to it, most infamously it deals with incest, and of course the main theme is child abuse but I was completely gripped by it and have the sequel on my shelf ready to read. It was my first Virginia Andrews book and I can see why I’ve seen so many people online say how much they love her books, she can definitely spin a tale. Just not ones for the fainthearted :)

The Invention Of Wings – Sue Monk Kidd


This is  the story of two women – Handful, a slave living in the same household of Sarah Grimke who is presented with Handful as a gift for her eleventh birthday by her mother. Set in Charleston and spanning decades following these two girls as they grow into women, this book is a powerful story full of horrors of the time with characters you root for. I was surprised to read at the end that Sarah was a real person who became one of the earliest abolitionists and feminist thinkers writing manifestos and talking about slavery and equality for women along with her sister Angelina. This book left me wiping away a tear at the end and that was before I knew these women actually existed. An inspiring novel that kept me hooked from start to finish. I now need to read her earlier novel The Secret Life Of Bees, can’t believe I haven’t yet!

What’s been your favourite read this summer?



Sunday Songs

This week I’ve basically been obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new song! Shake It Off:

As a result, I’ve been sticking with other upbeat songs this week -

Ashley Roberts – Woman Up:

Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang:

What are you listening to this week?



Would you say no to Disney?

This week I watched Saving Mr Banks, a film based on the interactions between Walt Disney and the author of Mary Poppins P.L Travers as the movie adaptation was being developed. Mrs Travers was reticent about the film as the characters were like family to her and handing them over to someone else was a difficult ask.

Books and films are such different mediums and yet so many books have been turned into movies. Because both mediums tell a story and a good story in theory should shine through no matter how you present that story to an audience. Of course, some adaptations work better than others. Readers who have loved a book want to see it replicated as closely as possible but a viewer of the film who hasn’t read the book wants to experience a good film and not sit through six hours of backstory or scene setting.

Watching the film I sympathised with Mrs Travers but also with Mr Disney (or Walt as he liked to be called!) they both agreed Mary Poppins was a brilliant story with great characters but clashed on how to use these things in a film. As a writer I can’t imagine the fear that must come when you sign over film rights to someone not knowing how they will treat your baby. Obviously though I’d cry with joy someone wanted to turn one of my books into a film in the first place :)

I found the movie actually really moving. For me, the moment when she actually enjoys one of the songs they play her and ends up dancing is such a lovely moment because she was transported into the film story, still her story but with a new vision. Even though she knew Mary Poppins backwards, she still felt something.

That has to be what any author and film maker want. To make the audience or reader feel the story no matter the medium it’s being told in. I’ve watched Mary Poppins A LOT during my lifetime yet I wiped away a tear during Saving Mr Banks as I saw the story from a new point of view. And in a way whenever you re-read or re-watch something you see it from a new point of view. That’s why some stories have stood the test of time no matter what medium they were told in.

And if Disney ever call me for my film rights, I’ll shall definitely say yes with the proviso I get to go to the premiere with Mickey Mouse as Mrs Travers does :)


How would you feel if your book was going to be adapted into a film?


Sunday Songs

Ella Henderson – Glow

Family Of The Year – Hero

The Pierces – Creation

Yuna – Falling

Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One

Professor Green and Tori Kelly – Lullaby

What are you guys listening to?






Night in the Woods


Really excited to have been interviewed about winning the eBook short competition run by Simon and Schuster’s New Adult team The Hot Bed. Read about Night in the Woods HERE.




Fangirl-ing over Rainbow Rowell

Yesterday, I went to a talk, Q and A and signing with Rainbow Rowell at Waterstones Piccadilly in London. It was the first author event I’ve been to actually and I had a great time. I went with my writer and bookseller bestie George Lester, you can follow his blog HERE. This is us in the queue, we are a tad excited:

photo 2

Rainbow was really engaging talking about her books, her writing process and things she loves like Sherlock (good taste!) and I love how she connects with her readers. If you haven’t read one of her books, you really should :) Eleanor and Park is my favourite and is a lovely teen romance that isn’t afraid to deal with all kinds of issues.

What I like about her is all her books are so different, she writes for teens and adults and it’s hard to define her work, which makes it more unique and fun I think. You never know what she’ll bring out next.

After the talk and questions, we lined up to have our books signed and I had three of her books with me. They were also giving out pretty amazing tote bags, just look!!


Here are my signed books:




And meeting the lovely lady herself (my smile is very cheesy!):



What authors have you met?



TFiOS or a well of tears


Yesterday I went to see The Fault In Our Stars film with a Twitter friend. All you could hear in the cinema was the two of us trying to breathe through our tears. It was pretty embarrassing. I had to wear sunglasses when I left the cinema to hide my red, puffy eyes.

Why do we enjoy films and books that make us cry? Maybe it’s cathartic somehow or maybe we just enjoy being moved by a story, maybe it’s having a shared experience of emotion or maybe we just like to torture ourselves (!)

I expected to shed a tear but I was surprised by just how many I shed especially having read the book and knowing what was going to happen. Somehow knowing the outcome made it worse as moments were more poignant the second time around.

I really loved the film and felt it was true to the book although I left emotionally drained! Sometimes you just want to watch a film that makes you cry and I already know this one will be my weepie go-to for quite some time.

This basically sums up my feelings about it :)


Whilst I recover from my traumatic experience, I’d like to know what films have made you cry.




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