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Should a writer ever stop writing?

The internet is full of responses to this article that calls for JK Rowling to stop writing for the adult market because her books end up dominating the market and that means she is stopping other books from being read. There will always be 'star' writers whose new book heads straight to the top of… Continue reading Should a writer ever stop writing?

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The power of a pseudonym

I turned on my laptop to write my usual Sunday music post when Twitter was flooded with the news that JK Rowling had written a crime novel under a pseudonym. The Cuckoo's Calling was published a couple of months ago under the name Robert Galbraith and has had some good reviews on Amazon and in… Continue reading The power of a pseudonym


The importance of failure and imagination

Yesterday I read a great post from Deborah Bryan about JK Rowling's Harvard speech from 2008. I've never heard this speech before and as I read the transcript Deborah linked us too, I completely agreed with Deborah that her words were magic. The speech in full can be read here. Ms Rowling mainly talks about… Continue reading The importance of failure and imagination