The Books That Made Me

For World Book Day I thought it would be fun to look back at the books of my childhood that stand out to me all these years later. I’ve always loved books. I was a bookworm when I was young and reading has always been a joy. 

As an only child I always had an overactive imagination so it’s no surprise books have shaped so much of my life and that I’m a writer now!

The first books that really stand out as ones I loved reading for myself are Roald Dahl’s and my favourite was unsurprisingly the one about a girl bookworm Matilda.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have Harry Potter but I did have the Worst Witch! A fun series about a witch school and Mildred who was always getting things wrong.

I remember my cousin handing down books to me from her childhood including the Famous Five series. Although already old-fashioned their adventures were captivating and I always wanted tohave a  midnight feast like they did although I was confused as to what ginger beer was that they were always drinking! 

It wasn’t only British classics that stood on my bookshelf though, I also loved Anne Of Green Gables and all the Noel Streafield “shoe” books this one being my favourite closely followed by White Boots probably because skating is the only sport I can actually do:

And my favourite was Little Women. I would still count it as one of my all-time favourite reads now. Naturally I was drawn to Jo the bookworm. A true classic read.

And then there were the boarding school stories! I loved reading these. Although I think I would have hated to actually attend one, the books made them seem full of fun antics and they were books I devoured. My favourite series were:

And this one:

When I was slightly older I moved onto the Point Horror and Sweet Valley High books. Point Horror was a series of creepy stories that really did scare me at times but probably made me feel really grown up reading them.


I was a huge Sweet Valley fan! I had every book in this series and its many spin-offs. I just loved reading about a workd so different from mine – this sunny Californian life and two such different sisters. I preferred Elizabeth as she was more like me! I actually wish I’d kept these books as I’d love to re-read them. They inspired the first book I ever wrote when I was a teenager too.

And then as a graduated into more grown up books, I found the book that is still my favourite today.

What were your favourite books growing up?



2 thoughts on “The Books That Made Me”

  1. Sideways Stories from Wayside School (Louis Sachar) and anything by Beverly Cleary. Good stuff. Matilda was a favorite of mine, too (actually, anything Roald Dahl wrote is good).

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