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Books read in … October 2018

I read four books in October. I chose a couple of witch themed books for Halloween as it’s always fun to do some seasonal reading.

How To Hang A Witch is a creepy teen novel set in Salem with witches, ghosts and a love triangle. It was a fun read. The Rules Of Magic is the prequel to Practical Magic focusing on the lives of the aunts in that. It was a slower read than that book but I did like the characters and how magic ran through their lives.

I also read Gone Viking. I’ve read lots of non-fiction about Denmark, which I love, but this was my first novel set there. It’s a light-hearted women’s fiction story set at a Viking retreat. An easy read.

My favourite book of the month though was Excellent Women. I just loved the main character’s voice, there was a touch of Austen about the witty, character fuelled book. It was a lovely, cosy read. I will definitely pick up more by Barbara Pym.

What books have you guys been enjoying?



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