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2019 books: March

I read four novels and one non-fiction book in March.

Conversations with Friends is my second Sally Rooney book – a story of relationships between two best friends and an older couple they become entangled with. I did prefer Normal People, her second book, as I connected with the characters in that more.

Summer of No Regrets is a contemporary teen novel written by one of my writer friends and would definitely appeal to fans of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

Hashtag Authentic is a lovely coffee table book about Instagram, which as you know I love (follow me here). Lots of usual tips and gorgeous photos to enjoy inside.

How to be Happy is a moving story of a women who befriends Polly who has terminal cancer. A reminder to find joy in everyday moments.

My favourite read in March was The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle – a murder mystery, time loop story, which will make your head hurt as you try to work it all out! Complicated with lots of twists and turns, it’s long but compelling from the first page and a really original story. I really enjoyed the ride!

What did you enjoy reading in March?



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