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ONE YEAR OF GROWING MY HAIR // Hair growth tips & tricks

I’ve been growing my hair for a year so I thought it would be fun to show you how much it’s grown in a year, how I grew my hair out long, tips and tricks for how you can grow your hair too, and my haircare routine for healthy long hair!

I hope you enjoy seeing my hair transformation and how I look after my hair and that it will give you some help if you want to grow you hair long and quickly too. I share all the products I love for healthy, shiny hair too and how I care for my hair now that it’s long.

Please share any haircare tips you have in the comments! If you enjoy this video, please do drop it a like and I’d love you to subscribe for more videos from me in the future.

Thanks so much for watching!! xxx


2 thoughts on “ONE YEAR OF GROWING MY HAIR // Hair growth tips & tricks”

  1. Hi hun could you send me some tips on how to grow my hair straight again as if had enough with it and ended up cutting it myself 😮 also if you want to keep in touch via txt let me know and I’ll message you my number xx

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